Loreto is 6 km from the hotel and is famous all over the world for the Sanctuary where the Santa Casa of Nazareth of Virgin Mary is kept and worshipped and where Jesus Christ used to live.

The sanctuary lies on a hill and offers a wonderful landscape where you can see both the sea and the mountains (the Apennines).

Loreto is visited by many tourists every year; not only catholic people come to Loreto, but also those who are interested in the architecture, sculpture and the painting masterpieces that are in the sanctuary.  

Since 1978 it has been organised a well-known pilgrimage where thousands of worshippers walk from Macerata to Loreto. Other places that deserve being visited are:

The Benedectine Abbey of San Firmano in Montelupone (IX cent.)

The Romanic Abbey of Santa Maria a Piè di Chienti in Montecosaro (1125  a. C)

The Romanic Abbey of S. Claudio in Corridonia (XI cent.)

The Cistercian Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra in Tolentino (it was ended in 1200 and represents the most important monastic building in the Marche region) and its natural reserve.